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Introduction to the Leadership & Training Resource Centre (A division of Leopard Tree Retreat, previously Empowerment Concepts)

LTR was founded in 1997 to provide a vehicle to combine the experience and skills of its two Members – Neil Orr, Research Psychologist, and David Patient, Person Living with HIV, with a specific focus upon the psychosocial aspects of living with HIV, based upon research findings regarding long terms survivors and PNI (Psychoneuroimmunology).

However, it became apparent that such principles and methods were equally effective in non-HIV areas, including personal empowerment and leadership development in corporate settings.

Although LTR is well known for its’ Wellness programmes (Positive Living, Peer Educator Revitalisation, Post Test Clubs, Wellness Clubs, Primary health, nutrition, HCT, treatment advocacy), as well as Emotional and Relational Intelligence workshops and trainings (Leadership Development and Personal Empowerment), its’ reputation is founded upon its’ ability to create, adapt and customise practical programmes for its’ clients, which include corporate, government, and NGO’s, in diverse settings.

Since 2009 (until end-2013) LTR has been involved in designing and implementing community empowerment programmes (Post Test Clubs; a.k.a. PTCs), and support group protocols for HIV-positive individuals (Wellness Clubs) for rural districts in the Free State, Eastern Cape, and North West Province, as a subcontractor for ITECH-South Africa (University of Washington), and under the auspices of the CDC, Atlanta.

LTR has been – and continues to be – involved with projects related to development of materials addressing gender inequality in rural youth, such as the Boys-To-Men and Girlz Talk programmes conducted by the University of Limpopo’s Development, Facilitation and Training Institute (DevFTI).

LTR is currently involved in the development of implementation methods for the A-3B-4C-T HIV Prevention Model.

The approach and methods of LTR are influenced by The Integral Approach (method and design determined by prevailing group value systems), Neurolinguistic Programming (pragmatic change methodology), Psychoneuroimmunology research (seeking physical evidence for psychosocial change processes), and Complexity Theory.

David Patient

Neil Orr
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